In February we sold our business and began preparations to set out on a hiking adventure…

‘Walk for Good 2020’. Little did we know, the impact of Covid-19 was just around the corner. Now we wait to see if it will happen, alongside everyone else who had great plans for their 2020. Weddings have been postponed, holidays cancelled, jobs lost, and lives altered in so many ways. We only hope that good can come out of all of this; perhaps it will teach us to slow down and appreciate the small things, and how important each of our lives are, and how important community is. Let’s stay home and stay safe and use this opportunity to take action and make every day count. And of course, Walk for Good.

Our Walk for Good is the plan, and if we can still make it happen, we will…

Our goal

We’re setting out in 2020 to hike 14 National Trails in the UK; a grand total of 2422 miles and the equivalent of walking from London to Edinburgh 7 times, and a total elevation equal to summiting Everest almost 8 times. We’re going to ‘Walk for Good’ to raise money for two charities and walk for the good of our own mental health too.


  • Because (strange as it might sound) we really want to!
  • Because this walk is going to raise money for two great causes that are close to us.  
  • Because we love walking and being outside.
  • Because walking is great for physical and mental health.

Still wondering why?

In 2017 we completed a Thru-Hike of the 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail. It’s the ‘longest hiking-only footpath in the world’ and takes you through the beautiful Appalachian Mountain Range, passing through 14 States from Georgia to Maine. Although it was the hardest thing we’ve ever done, it was also the most wonderful, unforgettable experience we’ve had and we want more of that.  

“When we’re out in nature and walking, it’s like therapy. It forces us to surrender to a slower pace of life, it enables us to enjoy the small moments, gives us time to talk and reconnect and it releases stress and anxiety.”

Living in nature for 5 months on the A.T, with a simpler existence and everything we needed on our backs changed our life.

We love the feeling that a long-distance hike gives us. A mission, but a slow methodical one that is wholly satisfying. There’s nothing like that content tiredness that comes over you after a full day of hiking. Knowing you’ve walked the miles and spent the day in fresh air. Knowing that in order to do the miles, to get from A to B you just have to walk it. On this kind of mission, it allows you to gain perspective, it gives you time to think about life, to restore balance and ease the mind. More than anything, it gives us a sense of purpose, more than anything else we’ve done.


The restorative and rejuvenating nature of walking is also why we’re raising money for Mind. Because mental health is just as important as physical health.

Wild camping in Zpacks tent on coast in Cornwall

Our second chosen charity is Reach, ‘the leading charity providing support and information to parents and their children affected by upper limb difference.’ I (Max) have one arm, Reach helped me and my family when I was little, and I am so delighted to be a member again and have the opportunity to raise money for them.

So here we are, having sold our business and packed up our life, taking a hugely scary but exciting step towards a life focused on physical and mental wellbeing. It takes a journey to get to these pivotal moments, so here’s to many more!

That is why this is our Walk for Good 2020

You can also show you support to Mind or Reach here: