Van Master Lock Key Safe with keys inside

Why Did We Choose to Fit a Master Lock Key Safe in Our Van?

| Our Citroen Relay Van Build

Every home needs a key safe! But why?

A key safe for a van is more for our own peace of mind than anything. Knowing that we can access our van if something happens to the keys is a great relief. Plus, there’s other reasons why it will come in handy…


We are planning on doing lots of hiking and camping so if we are away from the van for the night, we don’t want to be worrying about losing our only set of keys. This is where a key safe for a van is super handy!

If Your Keys Break?

Moreover, if anything were to happen to the keys, (i.e. they broke or the fob got wet and stopped working), at least we’d know we could access another set.

When You Go to the Seaside

We also love to jump in the sea, so for times when Tom is kiteboarding or surfing and I’m cruising down every wave on a bodyboard, it’ll be awesome to be able to pop our keys somewhere safe and secure whilst we’re flailing around in the water!

Master Lock Key Safe connected to the underside of a van

Stash Some Cash

A key safe for a van could also be a great place to keep a little ‘just in case’ cash stash – you never know when you might need a fiver – even if it is just for a bag of chips at the beach.

Access When You’re Not There

Another reason to have a key safe for a van, is when you have your van parked in a friends’ or parents’ driveway or in a campsite. If whilst you’re away for some reason someone needs either access to the van or to move it. Rather than you having to stop hiking, or stop mid-adventure or holiday, you can give someone you trust the code and they can do what needs to be done without you being there.

So that’s just a few good reasons to have a key safe for a van. We will show you the other security measures we’re choosing a little later but for now, happy van-living and we hope you enjoyed our blog.

We made a video on how to fit a Master Lock Key Safe to the bottom of a van here:

Here are some key products we used to fit our key safe. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

What do I need?

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Look inside out master lock key-safe-bolted-to-the-bottom-of our Citroen relay van

Thank you for reading our blog, we hoped you enjoyed it and we certainly hope it was helpful. If you did, and you haven’t already checked out our other blogs, please stick around. Or find more videos on our YouTube channel, where you can leave your questions and comments and follow our van build series.

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What is the best key safe for a van?

There are lots of brands, but we chose a brand we recognised, Master Lock, who have a great worldwide reputation for good quality locks and they’ve been around since 1921!

Where should you mount the key safe on your van?

You want to mount the key safe somewhere as flat as possible, we chose an area between the ridges of the van floor, and avoided anywhere where the support struts were going to be fixed to. We also fitted it as early in our van build as possible, so we could fit it securely to the bottom of the van before laying flooring, insulation etc. You also want to put it somewhere that will be relatively easy to access when you need to, but ensure that it is somewhere where it cannot be too easily seen. 

Why do I need a key safe for my van?

You don’t need a key safe but it is a good option if you want peace of mind when you go on adventures and don’t want to worry about losing your only set of keys. It’s great for going surfing or swimming, camping away, keeping a small amount of emergency money in or in case the van needs moving quickly in an emergency or someone needs to access the inside of your van when you’re not close by. 

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