How to make Wild Garlic Pesto

Ready to make Wild Garlic Pesto

One day a few weeks ago we walked one of our favourite loops near home and as we brushed past the fragrant wild garlic with its pretty little white flowers Tom decided there and then that his inner-hunter-gatherer would be unleashed to make something from these aromatic plants and wild garlic pesto was the chosen […]

Why we chose a quilt vs a sleeping bag for long-distance hiking?

Max with a Revelation Quilt by Enlightened Equipment

| Our Enlightened Equipment review What is a quilt? Why would you choose one over a sleeping bag? How do they work? And why would you choose a quilt for long-distance hiking? All these questions answered plus a beautiful demonstration from Tom. This is our review of the Revelation Quilt from Enlightened Equipment.  It is […]

What is the Best Way to Reproof your Old Waterproof Jacket?

Nikwax products. Tech Wash & TX Direct Wash In

There is never a good time to reproof your waterproof jacket. It is one of those annoying chores you talk about forever and then see through the winter with your less than adequate, water-attracting jacket and then miraculously find time in the summer (or during a Pandemic lockdown), when it is no longer essential.  This […]

Covid-19 has taken over our lives, but let us not lose our kindness…

A hand holding a phone showing the NHS Covid-19 advice web page, with a tv in the background showing the BBC news Coronavirus update

We’re in isolation because there is an Intruder Covid-19 means we have lost our freedom; we can’t go out when we want, we can’t go where we want, we can’t see who we want and we can’t eat what we want.  Once the Masters of our lives, this Intruder has taken away our control. Covid-19 […]

Our Walk for Good 2020

Max and Tom walk in the local woods, Alton, Hampshire

In February we sold our business and began preparations to set out on a hiking adventure… ‘Walk for Good 2020’. Little did we know, the impact of Covid-19 was just around the corner. Now we wait to see if it will happen, alongside everyone else who had great plans for their 2020. Weddings have been […]

We’ve Travelled the World but it’s Only the Beginning…

View of fiord, Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

Our travel history We’ve told you who we are and what we’re doing but we wanted to share our travel history, and a little about the journeys that have led us to this point (wanting to walk hundreds of miles – for fun). It all began in April 2014 when we waved goodbye to the […]

Why We Love to Walk

Why we love to walk header. Max and Tom sitting on a bank laughing together

It’s a shared experience As humans we love to share, be it: making meals, watching films, discussing books or most importantly, doing chores. Max and I both have our own hobbies which we share with each other on occasion but there is one thing that we both really enjoy doing together and that’s going for […]

Walk for the mind… | We’re Walking for the charity Mind

Tom sits on a tree stump in the woods wearing his charity Mind T-Shirt. Mind is a mental health charity.

In 2017 we completed the 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail and it ruined our life… In the best possible way. It showed us another way of living. A simpler life that was closer to nature that gave us more purpose than anything else we’d done and we started to appreciate how much walking helps our mental health. […]

Life within Reach | We’re Walking for the charity Reach

Max sits on a tree stump smiling, wearing her Reach Charity T-Shirt which supports upper limb differences

I’m a proud member of the charity Reach and the editor of the Reach magazine withinReach. Reach helps children with upper limb differences live life without limits and my goal is to represent limb difference and help to normalise disability, to be a role model for children being born today, to raise awareness of Reach […]