All You Need to Know about DIY Van Window Installation for a Conversion

Both windows in place held by duck tape while the adhesive sets

| Our Citroen Relay Van Build The idea of cutting the hole for a van window was one of the most daunting things for us. But, like everything, once we came to do it, we’d done enough research that we felt confident to crack on. However, we did have a couple of problems to overcome […]

How to Build, Insulate & Lay a New Plywood Van Floor

Max using a jigsaw to cut out a template for the new plywood van floor

| Our Citroen Relay Van Build Like most things have done with the van build so far, the van floor took longer than expected. It is however a crucial part of life, having a floor, so, let that inner carpenter out because here’s a detailed ‘How To’ for all you keen van converters. If you’d […]

The Ultimate Guide to Installing a Thule Omnivent Roof Vent/Fan

Looking through the newly cut hole in the roof of our van conversion ready to attach the Thule Omnivent roof vent

| Our Citroen Relay Van Build We decided to install a Thule Omnivent Roof Vent and 12V electric fan in the roof of our Citroen Relay van conversion because after much research it seemed like a good idea for cooking, living, and general breathing in the van. Why Do You Need a Vent/Fan in a […]

Why Did We Choose to Fit a Master Lock Key Safe in Our Van?

Van Master Lock Key Safe with keys inside

| Our Citroen Relay Van Build Every home needs a key safe! But why? A key safe for a van is more for our own peace of mind than anything. Knowing that we can access our van if something happens to the keys is a great relief. Plus, there’s other reasons why it will come […]

Van Build Preparation – How to Start Your Van Conversion

Tom holding a drill when removing rivits from the van walls

| Our Citroen Relay Van Build PREPARATION IS KEY! We’ve all heard it before, but van build preparation is especially important for a DIY van conversion. This is because, like any home, your foundation will determine its overall longevity and health. In this case, our soon-to-be little home on wheels. The last thing you want […]

Why Would We Even Consider Building & Living in a Van?

Max pulling the ply wood panels readying our van for our van build

| We’re building our first home, but it’s not what you expect. Follow our Van Build Journey to #vanlife On the 26th June we got the keys to our first home. But, it’s not what you think. We’ve started a van conversion! While most of our friends have the keys to a one or two-bedroom […]