Walk for the mind… | We’re Walking for the charity Mind

Tom sits on a tree stump in the woods wearing his charity Mind T-Shirt. Mind is a mental health charity.

In 2017 we completed the 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail and it ruined our life… In the best possible way. It showed us another way of living. A simpler life that was closer to nature that gave us more purpose than anything else we’d done and we started to appreciate how much walking helps our mental health. […]

Life within Reach | We’re Walking for the charity Reach

Max sits on a tree stump smiling, wearing her Reach Charity T-Shirt which supports upper limb differences

I’m a proud member of the charity Reach and the editor of the Reach magazine withinReach. Reach helps children with upper limb differences live life without limits and my goal is to represent limb difference and help to normalise disability, to be a role model for children being born today, to raise awareness of Reach […]