Our Walk for Good 2020

Max and Tom walk in the local woods, Alton, Hampshire

In February we sold our business and began preparations to set out on a hiking adventure… ‘Walk for Good 2020’. Little did we know, the impact of Covid-19 was just around the corner. Now we wait to see if it will happen, alongside everyone else who had great plans for their 2020. Weddings have been […]

Walk for the mind… | We’re Walking for the charity Mind

Tom sits on a tree stump in the woods wearing his charity Mind T-Shirt. Mind is a mental health charity.

In 2017 we completed the 2,189-mile Appalachian Trail and it ruined our life… In the best possible way. It showed us another way of living. A simpler life that was closer to nature that gave us more purpose than anything else we’d done and we started to appreciate how much walking helps our mental health. […]